‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Movie Gets Earlier Release Date

The highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting an earlier release date in 2016. Warner Bros. says this is to remove it from direct competition with the release of Captain America 3.

My question is, why should both Batman and Superman be scared of Captain America? Why doesn’t Marvel instead move the Cap movie up? Seems Warner Bros. is on red alert for the successful Captain America movie franchise.

But I would really love to see an actual battle between the Cap and Batman. That would be awesome! I think they are more or less equally matched, with an edge given to Batman, for his abundant resourcefulness, though Cap has a slight edge when it comes to tenacity.

And as for Superman vs. Captain America…Cap would need a kryptonite reinforced shield if he is to have a chance. Without cosmic weaponry he stands no chance.

Anyhow, I’m patiently awaiting the superhero film onslaught that may come to define 2016.

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