Iranian Plane Crashes at Tehran Airport, Over 40 Reported Dead

Planes parked at Mehrabad Airport. (Shahram Sharifi/Wikimedia Commons)
Planes parked at Mehrabad Airport. (Shahram Sharifi/Wikimedia Commons)

A small passenger jet struck a residential complex at Mehrabad Airport shortly after takeoff on August 10, killing over 40 passengers, according to Iranian state television.

Bound for the eastern city of Tabas, the Iran-141 plane was thought to have crashed due to an engine shutdown, reported.

Tasnim News said there were 48 people onboard, and that seven people may have survived with injuries.

Iranian planes have been involved in over 200 accidents during the past 25 years, killing over 2,000 people.

Politicians blame international sanctions for the country’s aging fleet, and poor maintenance, as new craft cannot be purchased, and parts must be made locally, taken from other planes, or imported on the black market.

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