Get These 5 Summer Essentials Into Your Body

    Limes added to iced water refreshes during summer. (Alexandre Normand/Flickr)Tomatoes are the best sunscreen food. (Matt Macgillivray/Flickr)Juicy watermelon will quench your thirst on the hottest of days. (Harsha KR/Flickr)Lemons, rich in vitamin C, can increase your metabolism.  (Nina Matthews/Flickr)Almonds, high in unsaturated fats, can have an anti-aging effect. (Harsha KR/Flickr)

    Summer’s not through yet, so make sure you’re getting enough of these sun-loving foods while you can.

    1. All fruit high in vitamin C

    Vitamin C has the name of “king of skin whitening”; it can effectively aid to suppress the reproduction of skin pigmentation.

    2. Tomatoes:

    Tomatoes are the best sunscreen food of all.  They can act as an antioxidant being rich in lycopene—a daily intake of 16 mg. of lycopene may decrease the risk of sunburn by 40 percent.

    3. Watermelon:

    The water content in watermelon is second to none; it is particularly suitable for replenishing moisture after dehydration.

    4. Lemons:

    Lemons are rich in vitamin C. They can increase your metabolism, have anti-aging effects, promote whitening of the skin, tighten and soften the skin pores, and helps them look skinny.

    5. Nuts:

    The unsaturated fats contained in nuts are very high. These are very good for our skin, and can have anti-aging effects.  The effectiveness can be noticeable after 30 days.

    Translated research by Wei Hu.

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