Buddhist Temple Refuses to Be Sold Out by Chinese Government to Tourists

The gate of the Buddhist Panlong Temple in Yunnan Province was closed by monks on Aug. 15, who put up a sign protesting the local government’s attempt to commercialize their monastery. (Screenshot/sina.com.cn)

By Lu Chen

Tourism officials in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan had a lucrative idea for the famous Panlong Buddhist Temple recently, attempting to turn it into a commercial tourist attraction.

But the monks that resided there had different ideas. On the morning of Aug. 15, the gates to the temple had been firmly shut, and a board placed next to the door which read: “Due to the fact that the Jinning County government and the Jincheng Township government wish to commercialize and corporatize the Panlong Temple, disrupting the temple’s order, the temple has decided today to temporarily shut the gates for a quiet meditation environment. Please understand and forgive us.”

A monk at the Panlong Temple, Ren Qing, said that it was the first time the temple has taken such a measure, according to the Chuncheng Evening News, a newspaper in Yunnan Province. Many tourists who showed up to tour the grounds instead burned incense outside…

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