Practical Travel Tips From Your Kids (Infographic)

66% of parents say kids help plan daily vacation activities. (Graphicstock)
66% of parents say kids help plan daily vacation activities. (Graphicstock)

Don’t underestimate the family holiday. 90 percent of kids in the U.S. (that’d go for kids in other countries too) say some of their favorite memories are from family vacations. Despite the road trip usually being long, I remember them well, and they were fun!

Taking a vacation can help kids be more independent and forward thinking if you let them help plan the trip, and pack their own things—at least their own activity bag. Packing mine always built the excitement. My kids start packing their toys, books, and cards a week in advance they’re so excited.

Not to mention the fun car games like the one me and my brothers invented called “band.” One of us would start off making a rhythm or repeating melody with our voice, then one by one, another sibling would add their own sound, and we’d have a sort of song thing going.

Plan stops along the way at rivers for picnic lunch, an animal farm, or local site seeing spot—it’s all part of the memory making journey! Infographic by

Travel tips

A few smart and simple kids to make sure everyone has a great time on your next summer vacation. (


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