Trailer: ‘Road to Ningbo’ 2014

Set in China, “Road to Ningbo” (宁波之路) follows “the journey of Chang Hui, an adventurous young boy with an obsession with the Giant Panda. Unsatisfied with village life, Chang Hui longs to visit the zoo in the city of Ningbo.

“Having been already abandoned by her husband and Chang Hui’s father, Mei Sun refuses to let her son go. Angry at his mothers lack of trust, Chang Hui escapes in the dead of night and sets off on his journey alone. Bartering his way with a small bag of rice, Chang Hui hitchhikes to Ningbo.

“Along his journey, Chang Hui discovers the harsh reality and the wonders of city life. Most importantly, he crosses paths with a man that he met all too long ago,” wrote Anonymous on

The trailer for the 20 minute short movie came out three weeks ago, but the movie is not yet released.

Directed by Panayioti Yannitsos & Jacky Weng.
Produced by Randolph Paul Kelman.
Starring ZeTao Zheng, XiuLan Wang & YanYan Shao.

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