Pomegranate, the Magic Fruit

The incredible pomegranate. (Zdenko Zivkovic/Flickr)
The incredible pomegranate. (Zdenko Zivkovic/Flickr)

Not just effective as a hangover cure, pomegranate can do wonders for your health long-term.

Studies show that pomegranate extract can help prevent prostate cancer recurrence and osteoarthritis, as well as a range of cardiovascular diseases.

Trying to shed a few pounds? Pomegranate is your best friend—it naturally suppresses your appetite due to an exceptionally high level of fiber.

Pomegranate not only works magic on your insides, the juice beautifies your face by hydrating the skin and fighting breakouts—and we all hate those!

Eating pomegranate is most beneficial in the fall, when they are in season. You can also reap the benefits by drinking the bright red juice, or taking pomegranate extract.

When you’re done with the fruit, don’t throw the peel away just yet! The pomegranate fruit keeps on giving—click here for more benefits.

With research by Wei Hu.

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