SPOTTED: Cleaver Stuck in Wall 13 Stories Above Ground in Chengdu

    No one knows how this knife got stuck into a concrete wall, especially at such a strange angle! (Screenshot/Sina News)It's 13 stories above ground and away from any windows! (Screenshot/Sina News)An abseiler removes the offending object. (Screenshot/Sina News)

    Knives seem to be falling out of the sky in China with another one found in Chengdu, this time embedded in the concrete wall of an apartment block… nearly 150 feet up, and away from any windows!

    Some local residents were creeped out at seeing the knife there, thinking it might be some sort of threat, Sina News reported.

    But bloggers joked about the news online. One said: “A highly skilled thief with a good sense of humor must’ve done this!”

    Another commented: “A Kung Fu master who can fly did it!”

    And a third wrote: “The god of cooking descended from heaven and put the tool there!

    Research by Iris.

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