The Road to Happiness (Part 2)

Tasty breakfast. (Brian/Flickr)
Tasty breakfast. (Brian/Flickr)

Take care of yourself 

This point seems a no brainer, but some of us forget to feed our bodies with quality nutrients as we go about our daily life.

There are many approaches to building healthy habits. The following tips are based on the traditional Chinese medicine perspective of  Dr. Zhong Nanshan.

The principle is to eat well in the morning, eat enough at noon, and eat less at night. During the night, your body has been through around 8 hours of fasting, and needs nutritious food to start the next day.

Nowadays, people do the opposite; they have a quick breakfast in the morning, a so-so lunch at noon, and then eat and drink excessively at night. This is a root cause of disease.

Breakfast in the morning is the most important meal of the day, acting like a tonic, so be sure to eat a nutritious breakfast.

The main meal must have vegetables and fruit, because no lunch or supper is good enough to make up for a poor breakfast.

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 Dr. Zhong Nanshan is an academician of the China Academy of Engineering, chairman of the Chinese Medical Association, and director of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases.


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