Dwayne Johnson Deciding Whether to Play Shazam or Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson is hinting at an upcoming Shazam film. Fans are wondering which role he will play.

The story indicates that he can choose, and that the roles are not yet set. Perhaps the producers struck a deal, and part of the conditions of his contract give him a choice of role. Or it could be that he’s got the wool over all of our eyes, and he’s set to play both Shazam, and his similar looking nemesis, Black Adam.

Shazam is a character based off Superman, which is why he looks similar. Shazam was the character once known as Captain Marvel, and in fact is the first character to possess the name. His name was later changed to Shazam for copyright reasons, while other characters in the Marvel Universe became various incarnations of Captain Marvel.

Black Adam is Shazam’s main enemy. He once inherited similar powers to Shazam, but let his powers corrupt him.

So will we see Johnson play hero or villain in the upcoming film? I’d say look for him to play Black Adam, perhaps due to Black Adam’s Egyptian origin, and Johnson’s stated fondness for the character.

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