Cute! New York’s Bronx Zoo Has Snow Leopard Cubs, and They’re Out Exploring

Here’s a video from the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the Bronx zoo. The two frisky little cubs have just started spending time it their public habitat. Yay!

“They can be seen frolicking on a rocky outcrop, sometimes together and sometimes under the watchful gaze of their mother. According to the zoo, the pair were born on May 6th to first time parents. They live in an exhibit called ‘The Himalayan Highlands’ which seeks to recreate their natural habitat in Central Asia,” according to Jennifer Cordingley in the video report.

Those who haven’t heard of the Bronx Zoo, you may be thinking what a horrible idea to keep exotic animals in the polluted burbs of New York City. But, it is an incredible zoo, it’s huge, and many habitats are impressive, with forrest, grasslands, and a river and streams running through. They’re better off than many of the people in the city!

Although, zoos are sad in many ways, we humans are responsible for the destruction of natural wildlife habitats, and zoos can foster understanding and resect for animals and the planet in our children, so it’s a two-edge sword, but one worth keeping for the time being.

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