29-Year-Old Chinese Man Sues Parents for Not Providing for Him

    Kuang makes a meager wage as a life-drawing model. (Screenshot/Hunan Voices Online)Kuang's father is a migrant worker, and says he can't keep giving his son money. (Screenshot/Hunan Voices Online)

    Despite the fact he’s about to turn 30, a man from Hunan Province can’t support himself, so he’s decided to take his parents to court.

    Kuang Zhengxhuan works as a life-drawing model in Changsha. He claims to have sought better-paid work but only has a primary-school education, Hunan Voices Online reported.

    However, his migrant worker father told the media that Kuang is always asking for money, and that he can’t keep supporting him financially.

    The story is similar to one earlier this month about parents suing their son to make him leave home. Either way things seem to be getting pretty desperate!

    Research by Mona.


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