Biggest Scam in History? How our Monetary System Works

We’ve all heard of the Federal Reserve, but what is it, and how does it affect our lives? According to this video, the Fed is nothing short of a fraudulent loan shark, trapping the American society and people in a vicious debt cycle, and robbing the country on a massive scale.

The video holds that our currency is nothing more than numbers printed on paper, loaned to the American people at interest. What’s more, these numbers are then taxed by the IRS, not for schools, roads, and public services, but to pay interest on bonds that the Fed bought with checks written from an account that has nothing in it.

Our entire currency supply is nothing but a couple of bucks whipped up in this hocus-pocus scam where the Treasury and the Federal Reserve swap glorified IOUs and a bunch of numbers that the banks just type into their computers. That’s it. That’s our entire currency supply. It’s nothing but a supply of numbers.

You’ll think twice about depositing your next paycheck after watching this! Or perhaps it’s time to escape the system altogether…

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