Remembering Michael Jackson on His 56th Birthday

Michael Jackson
Today is Michael Jackson's 56th birthday. Happy birthday, King of Pop. (michaeljacksonVEVO/YouTube)

Michael Jackson died in 2009. Had he lived, today would be his 56th birthday.

To remember the King of Pop, a three-day festival is being held in Gary, Indiana. Gary is where Michael Jackson and his talented siblings were raised.

2300 Jackson Street

The place where Jackson and his siblings were raised, 2300 Jackson Street. (Image: moniquewingard)

In New York, film director Spike Lee held his annual Brooklyn Loves MJ event. The event was first held shortly after Jackson died. 6 years later, people still come out in force to party and dance to Jackson’s music.

Spike Lee

Director Spike Lee, host of Brooklyn Loves MJ. (Image: ElFrenetico)

Despite Michael Jackson’s death, the King of Pop title has yet to be passed on, and there is yet to be another artist to dominate the world of pop music like he did.


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