Cheeky Ming the Cat Busted Two-Timing His Family for 10 Years

A sociable Siamese cat from Wellington, New Zealand has been cheating on his family, the Alexanders, for 10 years. The other family took him in and call him Cleo, and they love him too. Many people already think cats are a$$#0!!s, they’ll put this on their proof list no doubt.

I think he’s just a serious charmer.

  • Alexanders bought him in 2000
  • Disappeared often, out visiting neighbors—but completely disappeared in 2010 for four years
  • Reappeared recently on their roof and then left again
  • Missing posters were then put up and a call came from the Smiths, who claimed him as their family pet
  • Smiths had moved away in 2010 taking Ming, and had just moved back to the neighborhood
  • Ming had even had his name tag with phone number removed
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