‘House of Cards’ Beijing Version, Does It Work?

House of Mahjong has been born—at least the opening sequence for a Beijing version. This mock-up intro of a possible Chinese version of the hit U.S. political drama House of Cards looks cool, but what could the show be about, if made in China? It would be so heavily censored it would end up some gutless anti-American propaganda soap opera. Who should they cast as the politburo heads? What communist officials would be juicy characters for the show?

As for the name, House of Mahjong, well that’s funny, but it lost it’s meaning. In English phrases, a house built from cards, that is playing cards, is incredibly fragile, it can blow over with a puff of wind. The Chinese game Mah Jong doesn’t quite fit.

Incidentally, House of Cards is incredibly popular in China. Most expected it to be blocked, but because it exposes the inner workings and flaws of American government, the Chinese regime decided it was a keeper.

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