Melting Ice in Antarctic Now Causing Rapid Rise in Sea Levels

It’s happening much faster now. That’s the gist of the latest report on Antarctic ice melt. The 20 year study, published in the journal Nature, reveals a rapid increase in the speed the ice shelves are melting.

The study also highlights the significance of the melting ice being fresh water, and how that causes water levels to rise faster than it would if it were salt water. The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest single mass of ice on the planet.

A researcher told Deutsche Welle in August that, “Ice loss in the Antarctic could become the biggest contributor much earlier than expected, raising global sea level further by up to [about 15 inches] by the end of this century.”

That is especially bad news for major coastal cities that lie low, like New York, Shanghai, an issue focused on in a Bloomberg report.

Watch the video at top for the full story.

Antarctic ice

Antarctic ice shelf found to be melting faster than previously thought. (Compfight)

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