LOOK: Tough Farmer Gets Prime View of Highway in Shandong Province

    Local authorities built a new highway over the top of a villager's house. (Screenshot/China News)Cha's front door opens onto rubble beneath the new highway. (Screenshot/China News)

    This holdout in Qingzhou has become a sightseeing spot for a new highway, after local authorities went ahead with the development even though a villager refused to move out.

    Farmer Cha Suqin thought the compensation offered was too low, and a lawyer confirmed this. There’s now very little natural light in her home, with frequent power cuts, no TV signal, and a lot of construction noise, according to China News.

    Like many other homes in China, Cha’s dwelling is called a “nail house” orĀ dingzihu, because it sticks up out of a development site like a nail that needs hammering down.

    Research by Mona.


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