Taiwan to Host ‘Red Bull King of the Rock’ 1-on-1 Basketball Tournament

Samasana Island, Taiwan, will host this year’s Red Bull King of the Rock world finals. King of the Rock is one of the roughest, toughest basketball tournaments around.

Samasana Island is also known as Green Island. It was previously the site of prisons that housed political prisoners during Taiwan’s martial law period.

This follows the theme of the previous location for the competition, Alcatraz.

32 qualifying players from around the world will face off in grueling, gritty, 1-on-1 play. Players from many countries have been battling for a spot at the finals since July 7. The finals will begin there on September 6.

What’s also unique about this year’s competition, is that female players will be competing in a Queen of the Rock contest held simultaneously. It is the first ever 1-on-1 basketball competition for women. Many female basketballers are excited, as otherwise they would have to play against men.

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