Father Slaps and Kicks Nervous Girl on Her First Day at New School

    The little girl refused to enter the school. (Screenshot/SecretChina)The parent drew the girl aside and kicked her thigh. (Screenshot/SecretChina)The parent drew the girl aside. After kicking her, he even slapped her face three times nonstop. (Screenshot/Secret China)The parent pointed at the girl and scolded her. (Screenshot/Secret China)The girl put her hands over her face which was slapped by her father, looked scared. (Screenshot/Secret China)After being beaten by her father, the girl followed her father entering the school feeling wronged with the sense of grievance all over her face. (Screenshot/Secret China)

    A little girl in Shandong Province who was worried about starting at a new school got some harsh encouragement from her father.

    The incident happened in front of an elementary school in Jinan City on September 1. The child refused to go in, and kept crying even after her dad persuaded her for over 10 minutes.

    Then he suddenly lost his temper, kicked her, and slapped her face three times. He took her into the school shortly after, and dropped her off.





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