Is This a Case of Illegal Organ Harvesting?

    Wei Jianmin's 800 yuan bill, which is about US$130. (Screenshot)Wei Jianmin's left kidney. (Screenshot)

    On Aug. 25, Wei Jianmin, 31, was lying in Shen Zhen Guangsheng Hospital confused; she came to have urinary stones removed, and chose this hospital because the fee was quite reasonable, 800 yuan. She ended up losing her left kidney.

    On Aug. 23, Wei felt pain in her abdomen, so she went to the hospital. The next day, the surgery began early in the morning.

    At 7 p.m., Wei found she was still on the operating table. At 9 p.m., her blood was drawn. She was told her left kidney was bleeding and should be removed.

    She refused and wanted to transfer to a different hospital. However, the doctor refused to let her go, and told her she would die the next day without the surgery. They twisted her arm to get her consent.

    Her relatives were very angry after learning about the incident. When the doctor was confronted, he said that she would be compensated.
    On the 25th, a reporter verified the situation with Guangsheng Hospital; the responsible person claimed that her kidney was removed following an authoritative expert’s opinion.

    The Shenzhen police and the Planning Commission are involved in an investigation.


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