The World’s Most Terrifying And Dangerous Hike ‘Death Trail’

Here we have a young female traveler filming her leg-shaking excursion along the “Death Trail,” possibly the world’s most dangerous, and most terrifying hike…next minute, hello man sleeping there, sorry, didn’t mean to wake you as I squeeze past on this ledge 1,000s of feet up a cliff.

The Mount Huashan cliff walk in China was originally hammered in by Taoist monks hundreds of years ago.

Standing 2,154m tall, Huashan is known for its breathtaking cliff faces and sharp crags, posing a tough challenge to mountaineers daring to conquer it.

Mt. Huashan is famous for the hiking trail known as the “Death Trail.”…Climbers do not need any technical skill to go on the hike, but extreme caution is advised.

Besides the rusty chain handles and the worn wooden pass, the biggest danger to safety is often the overcrowding during summer season.

Many tourists pilgrimage to Mt. Huashan for its many historical Taoist monasteries as one of the five sacred Taoist mountains of China. It is also the center for the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.

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