Chile is #2 Travel Darling of 2014: Watch ‘CHILE’ to See If Would Like Touring by Bike. I’m Thinking Yeah

Chile is the #2 most desirable place to travel this year (after New Zealand). The survey is based on travel agent’s data, who is booking where. Chile is hot right now.

Watch this artistic short travel film, Follow Your Way—CHILE, by a couple who spent four months biking across the incredible country of Chile.

There’s a common thread between the top two travel countries right now, despite being on opposite sides of the world, with completely different cultures. They are both rather untouched, boasting magnificent scenery and nature to explore with out having to share those moments with crowds of other tourists…we as a people are seeking a space to connect with nature, a wholesome and personal experience, not a touristy experience.

The whole list from the Virtuoso survey:

  1. New Zealand (link to a stunning time lapse video of NZ)
  2. Chile
  3. Indonesia (gorgeous travel film and Indo travel pros and cons)
  4. Hungary
  5. Hong Kong (link to everything HK)
  6. Croatia
  7. Australia
  8. Ecuador
  9. Greece
  10. Norway

Virtuoso announced this list recently after: “Using data from its worldwide travel agency members, Virtuoso tracked the destinations experiencing the largest year-over-year growth, based on $32 billion in client transactions,” according to Yahoo.

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