Hong Kong ‘Cheong Fun’ Recipe (Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls) with Photo Tutorial

    As with most dim sum, these rolls are best served piping hot. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)1. Mix the flours together in a large bowl. Add in the oil while slowly kneading with your other hand. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)2. Add the water slowly and continue mixing with your hands, getting rid of any lumps.  The batter will be quite watery.  Prepare your steamer, the rice rolls have to be steamed over high heat.  Prepare a rectangular tray for steaming by laying a piece of wet cheesecloth on top, if using. If not, brush the tray lightly with oil. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)3. Ladle enough batter to cover tray in a thin layer.  Add in dried shrimp and scallions.  Steam for about 3 minutes or until set.  The rice layer will look opaque once cooked. Remove from wok. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)The rice layer after being steamed, I made a plain one as well as pictured here. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)4. Lightly brush your work surface (I used a large chopping board) with oil. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)5. Tilt the tray at an angle, then with a spatula start gently scraping off the layer while creating a roll. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)6. Place roll on oiled chopping board and coat lightly with the oil.  You can choose to slice the rolls or just leave them as they are for serving. (Image: JV Photography/SmokyWok)

    I am excited today to feature a classic dim sum favourite, steamed rice rolls Hong Kong style (港式肠粉). This version of steamed rice noodle rolls or ‘cheong fun’ which means intestine-shaped noodles can be made with a myriad of fillings, from roast pork, shrimp and scallops.

    The rolls are a simple concoction of rice flour, tapioca flour and corn flour and water where a thin layer is steamed with dried shrimp and scallions, and then rolled up. As with most dim sum, these rolls are best served piping hot.

    Trust me, your guests will be so impressed.

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