Indonesia is the #3 Travel Darling of 2014: Watch Indo’s Rich and Raw Beauty in This Short Film

Indonesia (aka Indo) has so much to offer as a travel destination to explore. It’s the #3 favorite destination this year according to travel agent’s numbers. Here’s why (including a gorgeous little film).


  1. It has many gorgeous islands—the archipelago has over 13,000 islands
  2. It’s a surfer’s paradise, the New Zealand and Australian surfers are all over it
  3. Great diving and snorkeling
  4. SO cheap
  5. Culturally rich
  6. Accommodation ranges from top notch luxury at good prices, to back-packer’s hostels, to grass huts on island beaches


  1. Pick pockets (I learned the hard way to keep an eye on my stuff in crowded places).
  2. Getting “Bali flu” tummy bug : (
  3. Naughty monkeys stealing your stuff at tourist spots! My friend’s sunglasses were stolen off his head. We had to bargain for them back with berries we had to buy from the monkey berry vendor, total scam.

Check out this short travel film, so artistically captured, by Nhi Dang on her recent trip to Indo (that’s what the cool kids call it).

“I had such a great time in Bali, Ijen crater, Bromo Mt., Lembongan Island…for 10 days. Really hope you enjoy my video and share with someone else who love travel like me. ”


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