LOOK: Legless Chinese Girl Becomes Swimming Champ

    Qian was nicknamed the Qian wanted to be just like any other kid, and go to school as normal. (Screenshot/ifeng.com)She developed a passion for swimming at young age because she felt freer moving in the water. (Screenshot/ifeng.com)She maintains her upper body strength by doing weights every day. (Screenshot/ifeng.com)Qian is now a professional athlete. (Screenshot/ifeng.com)She recently got a pair of prosthetic legs. (Screenshot/ifeng.com)

    With her winning smile and unbeatable attitude, double amputee Qian Hongyan has overcome all odds to become a professional athlete.

    The 18-year-old lost both her legs after a car accident when she was four, but her grandfather used a cut basketball and two wooden boards to allow her to get around.

    Since 2009, Qian has won several swimming titles, training for four hours a day to maintain her upper body strength, according to ifeng.com.

    Although her family is very poor, she recently received enough donations to get a pair of prosthetic legs, and hopes to get a regular job when she’s older so she can support her parents.


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