Secret Ai Weiwei Sci-Fi Short Film Finally Released, See it Here

This 10-minute short film took quite some time to release. Much controversy surrounded it after Ai Weiwei told filmmaker Jason Wishnow that the film had to be trashed, after shooting was complete.

Later, Wishnow and Ai reached an agreement, and editing continued. Finally, the completed film arrives. What you see above is the entire film, at this point.

Interesting idea. A future where water is a rare commodity. One which is smuggled, stolen, and is the central force in relationships, and life.

I want to see more. This needs to be a feature film. 10-minutes gives a taste of all the places this film could go. I can see something bigger, with a bigger budget.

Being that this film was shot secretly, in other words, outside of the bureaucratic system which censors film in China, I don’t know how easy it would be to go back to China and shoot the larger film this short hints at.

Anyhow, I hope he can get more funding. This project can only get better.

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