Did Facebook Just Make an Appearance on China’s Biggest Microblogging Site?

The Weibo avatar of FB Inc. (Weibo.com)
The Weibo avatar of FB Inc. (Weibo.com)

On Aug. 31, a Weibo user called “Facebook Inc” posted this message: “With 1,200 million users, Facebook has now joined Weibo too.” The user was shortly verified as Facebook’s official account by Sina Weibo’s Deputy Manager Cao Zenghui.

Within a week, the post was shared over 11,000 times, with more than 3,000 comments. Many bloggers made excited remarks like: “Welcome to China,” “Hello, Facebook”, and “When will we be able to use you?”

Some more cynical netizens made fun of the fact that Facebook is censored in China with jokes like: “Report it! This is a fake website! It doesn’t even exist!” and “Wow, the most well-known 404 not found page opens a Weibo account! Follow it immediately!”

A tech site called Pingwest put an end to any further speculation with a report on Sept. 8 confirming that “Facebook Inc” is not Facebook’s official account.

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