Serena Williams Reasserts Dominance and Wins US Open

Serena Williams
Serena Williams wins her 18th Grand Slam title. (Image: jamesboyes via Compfight

Serena Williams now holds 6 US Open wins and 18 Grand Slam titles, after beating 24-year-old Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki at the US Open. The win ties her for 1st at the US Open and for 4th in total number of Grand Slam tournament victories.

After poor performances at the Australian Open, the French Open, and at Wimbledon, the worst of her career, expectations were lower coming into this year’s US Open. Her performance and eventual win diminished doubts about her dominance.

Now heads are turning towards German tennis legend Steffi Graf, and her record 22 Grand Slam wins. Williams will need five more Grand Slam wins to beat Graf and become the greatest tennis player of all time.

But can she do it? Will she keep up the momentum or stumble again next year as she did in this year’s earlier tournaments? Will age be a factor, having nearly reached 33? Or will experience overcome youth?

I’d say, it may take two years, but look for Williams to at least tie Graf’s record.

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