You Don’t Know What to Do With Kale? How to Prepare This ‘King of Greens’

Delicious baked kale chips. (Image:
flickr: joyosity)
Delicious baked kale chips. (Image: flickr: joyosity)

Kale has been called the “king of  greens,” and it is one of those amazing vegetables that’s bursting with health-giving and disease-fighting nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

But there is a problem—how do you eat this stuff? Kale’s got a strong green flavor, and it’s a bit too tough to add to salads raw.

Well, my friends, I will bring the answer to your table—you cook it.

Kale is transformed into a gorgeous green worthy of it’s title “king” when it’s steamed, sauteed, baked, or boiled.

Recently, I made Japanese Boiled Kale Salad and it was a hit. The sesame and soy combo gives it that scrumptious, unmistakable Japanese flavor that I love.

I also discovered other dishes you can make with this super green—kale chips, kale-slaw salad, kale pesto—it’s really versatile.



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