How Would You Like To Have Your Back Scrubbed With This?

    Volunteers have their backs marked off for scrubbing by a machine and by hand. (Xiaogang/Xinhua)Back-srubbing machine. (Xiaogang/Xinhua)Ju Sucheng, inventor of the back-scrubbing machine. (Xiaogang/Xinhua)

    Ju Sucheng, from Yangzhou, developed a “back-scrubbing machine” because his son went to study in the U.S. and joked that his father should invent a back-cleaning machine and send it to him.

    Yangzhou people enjoy going to bath houses where there are workers who specialize in back-scrubbing. In the U.S., there are bath houses, but if you want to scrub your back, you have to do it yourself.

    After the 3rd version of the back cleaning machine was developed, 8 volunteers were found to test it. The volunteers’ backs were painted with red lip stick, and they were separated into two groups. One had their backs cleaned by the machine, and the other had a specialized person to scrub their backs. In the end, the machine ran out of battery, but, the person-scrubber became extremely tired. Based on the feedback, the machine was thought to be easy-to-use, good at cleaning, and not painful to the skin, but a little bit heavy for a girl to use.

    With a few more tweeks, Ju hopes to widely market his invention to allow people to scrub their whole bodies. Soon, maybe everyone will have a way to enjoy a full body scrub right at their fingertips.

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