5 Ways Social Media is Destroying Our Brains

The widespread use of social media affects our human functioning. I had imagined something like this was happening, but this video lays out the startling truth.

The use of social media rewires our brains… It mangles the part of our brain that feels joy. Joy in life becomes how many followers you have on Twitter or Facebook.

This information really makes me want to tame my social media habits. Maybe I’ll only check social media a few times per day. Maybe less is better. With the time I save I can rejoin the offline world. Are there any completely offline things to do anymore?

Before we get totally distressed, there is one benefit. Love relationships between people who met online tend to work out better than those who first met in real life. That’s because people are more straightforward about what they want online, not having the social barriers and fears which can present themselves in person.

But is that also a negative consequence of social media? We become even more shy expressing ourselves in person, and social media takes over as the primary way we seek out things we want to do in life.

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