The Romantic Color of This Water Will Make You Fall in Love With Rose Lake

    The stunning view from above. (Image: Weibo)Looks like a strawberry milkshake! (Image: Weibo)Sunset over pink waters. (Image: Weibo)Glorious pink shore. (Image: Weibo)Where pink meets green. (Image: Weibo)I wish this was me right now! (Image: Weibo)

    The Rose Lake in Senegal has this amazing pink color that will enchant you. It has this special bacteria that can live and develop in these waters because of the high quantity of salt. This organism’s concentration is pretty high. In every liter of the lake’s water there is 80- 300 grams of salt in which this organism vigorously grows—that’s one and a half times higher than the high salt concentration in the Dead Sea.

    It is exactly because of this bizarre bacteria that the water gets its beautiful colors, which change pink-purple hue according to the time of day and light of the sun.

    Ahh… so romantic! How I wish I could float on this pinky, dreamy waters under the big blue sky…

    The intoxicated pink of Rose Lake (Weibo)

    The intoxicating pink of Rose Lake (Image: Weibo)


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