This Bacteria Is What You Want to Get Off Your Teeth Right Now

    Magnified image of spherical bacteria, the blue spots, and red blood cells covering a yellow tooth surface. (NTD TV)Calcium phosphate crystals that can be found in foods or dental material. (NTD TV)The plague (yellow) on a tooth surface (blue). (NTD TV)1000x magnified image shows plague-forming bacteria stuck on teeth. (NTD TV)Plague-forming bacteria adhere to a tooth surface, and then form plague over time. (NTD TV)A layer of dental plague that's colored pink. (NTD TV)A human canine milk tooth with a long root. (NTD TV)A side view of a freeze-fractured tooth. The enamel-forming cell layer is colored in blue. (NTD TV)A human milk tooth with a visible crown at its bottom. The crown is formed through A cavity is formed on a human incisor, due to acid generated in bacterial fermentation of accumulated food debris. (NTD TV)

    No, they are not aliens, but they are possibly in your mouth right now. Eeew!!!

    Taken by scanning electron microscope (SEM), these images may urge you to clean your teeth thoroughly tonight, or even send you for another dental appointment ASAP.

    The magnified photos showing these plague-forming bacteria, plague on teeth, and a cavity due to accumulated food debris, aim to let people really see the microorganisms lurking on our teeth and pay more attention to teeth cleaning.


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