Will You Put This 187lb Turban on Your Head? It’ll Take You 6 Hours to Do So

The elder in this video is Avtar Singh Mauni, living in Patiala, Northern India. He has worn a turban since 10 years old, but during the past 16 years, he gradually increased his turban’s size from 151 m, 250 m, 365 m, to the current 645 m, while at that time, the Guinness World Record holder, Major Singh, had his turban measured 400 meters long in length.

Avtar said the turban plus all the weapons and ornaments weigh at about 187 lb, and the weapons and ornaments alone weigh at around 121 lb. Each time when he puts it on his head, he needs 6 hours. Watch the video if you are curious how on earth he ties the clothes layer by layer and fix these weapons and ornaments on the turban.

Due to this gigantic turban, Avtar cannot take a car to the local temple, but instead he rides a motorcycle, attracting lots of attentions on his way there.

When asked how he manages to wear such a huge turban, Avtar said: “It’s nothing to me. I feel like it is a lotus on my head.”

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