‘Goon’ the Train? Hey, What? Funny Translations at Wuhan Subway

'GOON' the train? (Image: Secret China)
'GOON' the train? (Image: Secret China)

Recently, someone pointed out on Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) that the Wuhan subway station has some seriously funny mistranslated English logos. For example, it states “GOON” on the boarding logos on the ground at the station, when it is supposed to say “GO ON.” The absence of a space creates the misunderstanding. The person in charge said the logos will be regulated uniformly.

Our reporter went to the subway station for field research, and found that there’s indeed a logo on the ground that says “GOON.” Karen, a Wuhan University student from the U.S., said that she feels weird whenever she sees the logo. “I can understand what it’s trying to say, but it’s just so ridiculous,” she said.

Research: Jane Tseng

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