Once You See These 12 Pictures of the Worst Fathers Ever, You’ll Wonder How You Made it This Far

    This dad is getting his video game fix while giving his baby an early addiction. (Secret China)This dad takes his child for a ride in the worst way possible. What if that bus decided to make a right turn? (Secret China)If you see the baby is freaking out, then you need to chill out. (Secret China)Some dads can't put down the controller for five minutes! One day she'll beat you with it. (Secret China)Does it shoot baby drool? (Secret China)Some dads trust their sons with anything. (Secret China)Some guys get stuck at a certain age. (Secret China)I bet she'll still look more like her mom. Nice try dad. (Secret China)You won't get very far in that thing, buddy. (Secret China)This dad has got the baby in the bag. Hopefully there are no books in there. (Secret China)Someone should find the father and whip him with the child leash. (Secret China)Keep an eye on your husbands! For they know not what they do. (Secret China)

    Don’t leave me alone with dad!

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