James Harden and USA Basketball Win FIBA Semifinals vs. Hard-Working Lithuania Team

The USA faced what looked like a decent Lithuania team in the first half. But after the half there was no slowing down the USA. No team has managed to really slow down the USA in this tournament so far, and now the finals are upon us.

Team USA ramps up energy when it wants, and plays at ease when it wants. That’s probably why Lithuania had some good plays. It’s because the USA loosens and tightens its chokehold at will.

The FIBA finals will see either Serbia or France face the USA. The best they can plan for is to dampen Team USA energy with an impenetrable defensive game, but make it unreadable and confusing. Make it so the USA doesn’t know why they are losing the ball and not getting any lane penetration. Lose the defensive game and lose the game.

Anyway, that’s what I would aim for. But the chance for an upset is still so slim.

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