7 Tips for a Healthy Life

Happiness begins with a healthy life. (Image: Fang Tong via Compfight cc)
Happiness begins with a healthy life. (Image: Fang Tong via Compfight cc)

These 7 tips can help give you a healthy life

The following tips are based on the traditional Chinese medicine perspective of  Dr. Zhong Nanshan.

Stay healthy every day, and you will be healthy for a lifetime. When you know what to eat and drink, you can stay healthy. When you keep your stomach happy, you won’t be hungry; when you satisfy your mouth, you’re enjoying eating; when you keep your brain engaged in eating and drinking, you’re staying healthy.

  1. Be sure you eat three meals each day
  2. Be sure you sleep eight hours at night
  3. Adhere to exercise for half an hour daily
  4. Laugh every day to keep you physically and mentally healthy
  5. Be sure you defecate every day
  6. Keep harmony in your family daily
  7. Don’t smoke or drink, but walk every day

Remember to eat an emperor’s breakfast, an official’s lunch, but a beggar’s dinner. Staying healthy begins every day.

This is the new nutritional strategy of the 21st century. Cherish your life and cultivate good eating habits! A healthy life leads to a happy life.

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Translated by Felice


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