Black Burgers at Burger King Japan Come with Squid Ink Sauce

Squid ink sauce? Black burgers? That should taste…great!

Burger King has now got two new tasty burgers on its Japanese menu. Feast your eyes on the video to see the Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl. The Kuro Diamond comes filled with veggies, while the Kuro Pearl is just black bread, black cheese, and a sliver of meat.

I know that Burger King is using some new menu items to spur sales, but I’m thinking this may have the opposite effect. I assume that the coloring will be transparent to taste buds, but if my eyes can influence what I hear, I’m sure they can influence what I taste.

Anyhow, if they do something like this in the U.S., they’ll need a bit of a large testing period. And they should try out different colors.

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