After Leaving Basketball, Where Next did this Failed NBA Player Find Success?

After skipping college to go directly into the NBA, 7-foot-tall Jonathan Bender was set to become the next basketball superstar. But after showing great potential, he sustained an injury he couldn’t fully heal from. His knee injury put his career in slow motion. After staggering along for a few more seasons, he decided to leave basketball to heal.

Finding no success from surgery or doctors, Bender took his recovery into his own hands. He invented a device he could wear while working out. It specifically strengthened the areas of the body he needed.

Upon his return to the NBA, he left again, in 2010. But this time it was due to the success of the device he invented. It was selling well and helping other athletes. His invention led to a thriving business, and now he makes his millions off the basketball court, as CEO of his own company.

Watch the video above to see the painful and confusing process he went through. It’s an inspiring story about how a weak knee led this young man off the court and into the boardroom.

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