I Just Got an Inside Look at the Life of a Busy Fashion Designer. What a Hectic Career!

Zac Posen has had major impacts on the fashion world. What’s cool about this guy is that he grew up in Brooklyn, like me. He went to one of the same school’s I attended, and we’re quite close in age. Not sure if we ever sat in class together.

On top of being a talented Brooklyn guy, he just has some great designs. He got his break after a dress he designed was worn by Naomi Campbell.

On speaking about seeing his designs on the runway, he says: “There will never be anything like seeing clothing in person, in movement.”

You can see in the video that he is just filled with passion. He started long ago, as a child, fashioning clothes for dolls out of yarmulkes. At age 33, he is celebrating over 12 years of having his clothes on the runway.

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