Crispy Moon Rabbit: Warm Farewell for Giant Paper Sculpture in Taiwan

    The remains of the Moon Rabbit in Taiwan. (Screenshot/Apple Daily)Firemen extinguish the flames. (Screenshot/Apple Daily)All that's left of the popular installation. (Screenshot/Apple Daily)

    Artist Florentjin Hofman‘s latest creation came to a fiery end on Sept. 15, leaving it headless with a blackened torso.

    The 27-yard-high Moon Rabbit went up in flames as it was being dismantled after the Taoyuan Land Arts Festival finished. It’s believed that sparks from a worker’s chainsaw may have started the blaze.

    Almost 2.5 million people attended the 11-day event, and the huge bunny was a popular attraction. It was made of wood, styrofoam, and waterproof (but sadly not fireproof) paper.

    Two other Hofman works have suffered in Taiwan, both giant rubber ducks. One deflated last November, while another burst in December.

    Research by Jane.


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