LOOK: Celebrating the Tibetan Bathing Festival in Fresh Mountain Waters

    People get ready to bathe in a river near Lhasa. (Screenshot/China News Service)Young women take photos on the banks of a river. (Screenshot/China News Service)A man bathes in a waterfall on the outskirts of Lhasa. (Screenshot/China News Service)

    Tibetans have been taking to rivers and streams to enjoy their healing effects during the annual bathing festival.

    Known as “Gamariji,” which means Qishan star or Venus, the mass bathing begins when the star rises in the sky, and ends when it sets a week later.

    The water at this time of year is meant to be beneficial for health, and help clear away any diseases.

    Some people also do their laundry at this time, cleaning the whole family’s clothing and bedding.


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