Watch As These Flying Humans Nearly Smash Into a Gondola

This episode of The Perfect Flight from Epic TV shows breathtaking views of China’s famous Tianmen Mountain and of course, mind-bending footage of them flying down from the top of the mountain through the clouds.

One of the flyers had a really bad feeling and pulled out of the jump. The second time he ignored his gut and they all went for it. But something went wrong and the suit suddenly pulled to the right, sending the leader flying at break-neck speed toward a gondola full of tourists.

Base jumpers and wingsuit pilots Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes, and Ludo Woerth left Chamonix in France and headed to China to fly the breathtaking Tianmen mountains.

Rising high and steep, the rock formations are perfect for a dramatic, technical, and beautiful flight. But with a gusty exit, the pilots have their reservations.

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