Here’s Why You Don’t Finish Your Work On Time [Infographic]

Superheroes of multitasking - they don't exist.
Superheroes of multitasking - they don't exist. (Image: JD Hancock/Compfight cc)

Don’t you wish you could manage your time more effectively and get more done in the day? It’s surprising how much wasted time goes unnoticed.

You may think you’re a multitasking hero, but the team from Weekdone, who created this cool infographic below, says multitasking typically leads to a 40% drop in productivity, so you may want to think again next time you juggle multiple tasks at once.

To put things into perspective:

“The average Joe wastes 2 to 3 hours per day and is interrupted every 3 minutes – getting back on task takes 23 minutes.”

Keep this in mind next time you’re sucked into an endless hole of “work-related research.”

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