Want to Save Time, Money, and Hassle? Use HK’s In-Town Airline Check-In

Are you tired of having to haul all your baggage to the airport, only to stand in long lines to get checked in? Traveling to major metro airports with lots of bags is not pleasant. In some places, you can travel to the airport by transit or train, but you still have the hassle of carrying all your bags along.

Hong Kong, however, has a real crackerjack system for travelers.

In HK, you have the option of checking in early in the city, getting your boarding pass, and checking in your bags without having to carry them to the airport. Also, your bags are checked through to your final destination.

It’s called “in-town check-in,” and it’s part of Hong Kong’s wonderful (and financially genius) MTR subway system.They have a special Airport Express line that goes straight to the airport. And it’s super cheap—only about US$13.

When you take the Airport Express, you check-in your bags in town, and then proceed to the airport bag-free, or you can spend the day sightseeing or shopping, or do whatever you want without worrying about toting around bags, or having to return to your hotel to pick them up.


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