A Child Bodybuilder and his Unbelievably Strenuous Workout

I don’t quite know what to make of this. A 5-year-old with rock solid muscle. I can guarantee nobody will be stealing his candy at the playground.

The boy is Giuliano Stroe. He’s from Romania and has been working out since he was 2. He has a younger brother who follows a similar regimen.

There is something that makes me uneasy seeing a child’s body supporting a man’s workout. His muscles get mature while his mind stays rather young, as you can see by the end of the video.

But I don’t want to go and criticize his parents, as I’m sure others have already done. I’m no physiologist, but this has got to be having some detrimental effect on his physical development.

In any case, I hope he’ll soon be strong enough to choose a more childlike way to spend his childhood.

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