LOOK: Purple Teddy Bear Turns Into Crawling Bug Nightmare

    Bugs came crawling out once the toy was cut open. (Weibo.com)Crawling insides! (Weibo.com)The bear's belly was full of beetles. (Weibo.com)A close-up of the rice weevils. (Weibo.com)

    Bobbie the lavender bear used to be so popular in China that every girl wanted one to help her fall asleep.

    Originally it was an Australian product, but the Chinese market was soon flooded with fake Bobbies that looked just like real ones.

    A Weibo blogger recently posted these shocking Bobbie photos, saying: “Damn! I finally figured out why there are so many bugs in my house.”

    The post was shared almost 40,000 times, and some netizens identified the bugs as rice weevils. Either the fake bear wasn’t sealed properly, or the rice hadn’t been fully dried first.

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