Shhhh!!! Silent Restaurant a Roaring Success in Northwest China

Staff at a 'silent restaurant' in Yulin City. (Screenshot/Tencent News)
Staff at a 'silent restaurant' in Yulin City. (Screenshot/Tencent News)

Business is booming at a new restaurant in Shaanxi Province where waiters use sign language, and flash cards to communicate with guests.

Located in Yulin City, the place looks like a typical hot pot eatery, but it’s owned by a deaf person, and 80% of the staff are deaf or hard of hearing.

Originally, the investor started up the business to give job opportunities to his deaf son and others like him, according to Tencent News.

Customers can get service by pressing a calling button on the table, and writing down their order. Apparently this is the first restaurant of its kind in China.


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